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Specialising in wash bay design, our company builds

and installs wash bays to treat and recycle waste water. 

We have built wash bays in Australia and PNG.

Our bioreactor treatment systems work forever.

We have wash bay systems for mines, heavy equipment,

 trucks, the transport industry and workshops. 


Our Wastewater Treatment System is designed to treat and recycle water used in the washbays where vehicles and heavy machinery are cleaned. 

The plant is a Low Tech, Low Cost, Robust Technology. It can be looked after by anyone from simple to follow instructions and it works and more importantly it keeps on working.

The BENEFITS of HIPPO System  

  • There are no electronic devices requiring expensive and complicated software and technical support
  • The plant is portable so if you move sites it can go with you
  • The system converts wet sludge to dry sludge for easy disposal
  • The delivery of ozone using our own specially designed and manufactured ozone generators as opposed to the use of chlorine as a disinfection means you have streak free water “fit for reuse”
  • It has no trouble dealing with normal amounts of hydro carbons that are generated during wash operations
  • There is NO DISCHARGE TO SEWER and associated costs and mandatory monitoring to/by authorities
  • The system doesn't require back rinsing and there is no skimming  


  Saving Water By Recycling

If you are not recycling your wash water you are wasting a lot of money because you are buying water, paying for pre-treatment of waste water for discharge and then all costs associated with discharging to the sewerage system. With the rising costs of water and sewerage charges the money you pay will increase every year as authorities are increasing their charges all over Australia.

After only a short period of time you actually make money as you have paid for your system through the simple savings of all those charges.

Suitable for Cars, Buses, Trucks, Transport, Heavy Machinery Companies, Mining Companies, Horse Washes or Mechanical Repairers - low to high volume capabilities