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Specialising in wash bay design, our company builds

and installs wash bays to treat and recycle waste water. 

We have built wash bays in Australia and PNG.

Our bioreactor treatment systems work forever.

We have wash bay systems for mines, heavy equipment,

 trucks, the transport industry and workshops. 

       Commonly asked Questions about Washbays and Treatment Systems

Question 1. How should we design the slab and where should the collection pit go?

Answer    Slabs should always be designed to fall to one side side or one end. Collection pits should always be put in one corner or along one side. NEVER put collection pits in the middle of the slab as this will cause massive long term problems with silting. Collection pits should be designed so that they can be easily cleaned by hand or a machine.

Please refer to the web pages titled Washbays + Slabs for photos of slabs and pits under construction as well as Washbay Design 1 and Washbay Design 2.

Question 2. Can your HIPPO system be open to rain events?

Answer    Yes, the HIPPO plant is specifically designed to be installed on unroofed washbay slabs.

Question 3. Can your system handle hydro carbons?

Answer    Yes, both the Bioreactors and the DAF process will have no trouble dealing with the normal amounts of hydro carbons that are generated during wash operations.

Question 4. Can your system handle large quantities of mud?

Answer Yes, we have developed a very effective approach to solids removal. The "mud" is converted to dry waste for easier and cheaper disposal because of this approach. Rfer to The Slughe Out page.

Question 5. Do the HIPPO systems need to be connected to the sewer?

Answer No, and this will save a lot of time, money and red tape.

Question 6.   Do the HIPPO systems need to be connected to an outside water source?

Answer   Yes, and no. It is common practice to allow for around a 20% water loss for each cycle. This will mean that a "Top Up" source will need to be arranged from either town water or the onsite harvesting of rain water.

Question 7. How much water can a DAF system treat every day?

Answer   Up to 7200 litres a day. They are very effective for producing water that is "fit for reuse".

Question 8. What if I only use a small amount of water?

Answer  We have a small bioreactor that is recommended for up to 2000 litres a day. They are easy to install and maintain and are excellent for environmentally sensitive areas. See Webpage Low Cost Low Volume HIPPO

Question 10. Can we talk about our site requirements anytime?

Answer Yes, Eric Markcrow is available to discuss any questions you have on 0438716448 and email [email protected]

Question 11. How much space does the HIPPO system need on a washbay?

Answer      A single bioreactor recycle unit will take up the space of a single car park and this area should also drain to the collection pit. This area makes it easier to service the unit.

Question 12. How do we start the order process?

Answer      Simply provide us with enough information to be able to give you a quote. You can do this either by phone or emails.

Question 13. Is this washbay system relocatable?

Answer      Yes, it is.

Question 14. How much maintenance is required?

Answer Very little. Our systems do not require regular dosing saving you money as well as time. It can be described as maintenance free - no costly components, no computerised components.....anyone can look after it and keep it working even in the most remote areas.