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Specialising in wash bay design, our company builds

and installs wash bays to treat and recycle waste water. 

We have built wash bays in Australia and PNG.

Our bioreactor treatment systems work forever.

We have wash bay systems for mines, heavy equipment,

 trucks, the transport industry and workshops. 

Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators for Disinfection of Stored Water 

Ozone Generators Made in Australia

We prefer to disinfect with Ozone because Ozone works in this order: it attacks viruses, then bacteria and then organic pollutants. Chlorine operates in the reverse order.  

Unique Design to Reduce Cost for Servicing

 BLUE HYDRO manufactures Ozone Generators which can produce up to 12 grams of ozone per day. These can be used for rain water storage and treated recyled water storage.

The generators are robust. The bulbs and ballasts can be easily replaced - you do not have to buy a whole new system. The equipment can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, Blue Hydro. This makes our pricing very attractive to potential users.


* Single Basic Unit                         $2100 + GST

* Bulk Basic Unit (10 or more)       $1800 + GST

These include lamps in stainless steel container and ballast in stainless steel containers, starters in robust plastic box. 

 Extras (not included):

* Hoses

* Fittings

* Aeraters

* Mounting Boards and Covers

* Airation Stands

* Airation Delivery Devices 

For further Information about the Generators

Call 0438716448 or our Australian Office Number 07 54080518 

Email enquires to [email protected]