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CelebrateThank you for your business!You should be receiving an order confirmation from Paypal shortly.Exit Shopping Cart builds wash bays for trucks, buses, cars, heavy machinery, workshops and mines.

Innovative technology recycling water - low costs, low maintenance, no sewer connection.     Made In Australia


 National Companies, Statewide Companies and Transit Companies

SARGENT 4 Wheel Drive Hire use the HIPPO treatment plants for cleaning their 4 WHEEL DRIVES in Brisbane and 4 Wheel Drives and Trucks in Newcastle and Melbourne. 

HIPPO Wastewater Treatment System is used by AP EAGERS to WASH DOWN UP TO 25000 NEW VEHICLES a year at the redistribution centre in Brisbane. They also use HIPPO'S Metro Ford, Austral Motors, Landrover, Peugeot, Volvo, VW and are soon to install HIPPO's for Holden Mazda.

The HIPPO System has been installed in several Ultra Tune outlets for CAR SERVICING WORKSHOPS.  

MOTORS in Hobart have installed the HIPPO System for CAR SERVICING. MOTORS have units in Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. 

CLARKS - LOGAN BUS uses the HIPPO System for treating and recycling all the water used for washing down BUS BODIES and ENGINES.​ 

LinCon uses the HIPPO System for treating and recycling water used for washing HEAVY CRANES.  

 ECO CIVIL wash HEAVY MACHINERY which is transported to remote areas for building oil and gas pipelines and road construction. The HIPPO System is an excellent recycle system for coping with heavy machinery. It can be customized to specific situations.